NHS doctor tells TikTok the easy way to test if you are dehydrated

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2021, 13:00

Are you drinking enough water? Probably not, according to this NHS doctor on TikTok user @remus.bujor who has shown followers a simple trick to check if they are in need of an H2O top up. The doctor shared a video explaining how to pinch your knuckle and observe whether it stays up - or goes down.

He said: "If you squeeze it and it stays up like this you are dehydrated."

Followers commented: "I'm dehydrated!"

Another added: "If you're over 50 it won't go down no matter how much you drink."

One fan wrote: "Now I know I'm SO dehydrated."

However NHS surgeon Dr Karan Rajan - on social media as @dr.karanr - advised to try the pinch test on the back of the hand instead. 

He explained in his own video: "This is known as the skin pinch or skin turgor test.

"The more hydrated you are the more elastic your skin will be and it will bounce back immediately after pinching it.

"If you are dehydrated, the skin loses elasticity and it takes a while to return to normal and it's more likely to tent up."

Anyone for camping?