What your favourite sandwich filling says about you

Virgin Radio

30 Jun 2021, 17:03

It can be difficult to know what to have for lunch, when faced with so many choices.

Where to begin?

Many of us have a solid favourite that we stick to.

Around 11.5billion sandwiches are eaten in the UK every year.

The average Brit eats a whopping 18,304 sandwiches during their lifetime.

But what does your preferred choice reveal about you?

Lucy Beresford is an author and psychotherapist, and she knows everything there is to know about the flavours.

Plain cheese may seem dull, but you are stable and reliable. You don’t like fussy people, things, or design, but instead are content with life’s simple things.

A fan of good old-fashioned cucumber? You are gentle and reflective, but some people mistake you for being weak. They might think they can push you around, but they're wrong.

How about a prawn and mayo? This combo apparently means you have high self-worth, and you love to treat yourself. You feel excited about eating something fancy.

You can't go wrong with a classic BLT. Lucy says this means you have a great sense of humour. The essential lettuce and tomato are there to make the bacon seem better for you, even if you tend to remove the lettuce.

Avocado gets a bad rap for being popular with millennials for no good reason. Lucy says lovers of this sarnie are exotic. "Occasionally you’ll add lime and coriander for added Latino vibes."

Treat yourself!

Research showed the most popular sandwich fillings are BLT, coronation chicken, bacon, pulled pork, and ham and cheese.

However, we hate cream cheese and jam, Marmite and banana and mayo and crisps.