Louis Theroux wants to strut his stuff on Strictly Come Dancing

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22 Nov 2021, 11:02

Picture: The Sun

Picture: The Sun

We know him as an unflinching documentary maker, but we might also soon know him as a dancefloor legend, as Louis Theroux has expressed a very keen interest in taking part in Strictly Come Dancing.    

The 51-year-old documentary maker recently told our own Chris Evans that he loves getting fit with Joe Wicks and that he is proud of his new six-pack, and now he has admitted that he wants to take part in the hit BBC dancing contest. 

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, he said: “I like to think I’m a good dancer.”

He continued: “I know I’ve had too many drinks when I’m in the kitchen dancing while listening to something on the smart speaker - often hip-hop - and I start doing the funky robot and then I start doing MC Hammer spins. And that’s where it happens and I start thinking I should really go on Strictly.”

Louis was recently on The Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to discuss his new book, Theroux The Keyhole. When talking about getting fit during lockdown, he said: “Not only did I physically look and feel better, but mentally, I found it like a huge charge… the positive effects on my outlook and my temperament were immense.

“I’m not going to say I’m ripped. It’s not for me to say, but people say that I look better.”

Louis added: “At the beginning of lockdown, I said, ‘I’m going to come out of lockdown like a prisoner coming out of the hole, with a six-pack and a bad attitude’, and now I feel like I’ve got my six-pack and a positive attitude, and every day I think, ‘I wonder if I should tweet myself with my shirt off, showing off my six-pack?’ And then I think, ‘No that’s not who you are Louis. Stop it!’”

However, despite feeling fitter than ever and ready to show off some moves, Louis isn’t so keen on showcasing his singing skills. Even though he displayed some pretty awesome rapping on one of his Weird Weekends shows, Louis told Jonathan Ross at the weekend that he doesn’t think he’ll ever appear on another popular TV show, The Masked Singer. He told Jonathan, “I haven’t got a brilliant voice. I’ve got a very narrow range in which I can hold a tune.”

The Jonathan Ross Show continues on Saturday on ITV and ITV Hub. 

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