Crayola has made a ‘decorate your own’ easter egg, and here’s where you can find them

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4 Feb 2022, 15:01

Credit: Crayola/ Money Saver by Dansway on Facebook

Credit: Crayola/ Money Saver by Dansway on Facebook

It may seem a bit early to be talking about Easter, but it is just on the horizon with only two months to go.

There have already been some interesting easter egg launches with the likes of Hotel Chocolat and M&S’s Koala Bear creation, and now Crayola has got in on the action with their decorate your own easter egg.

As usual, it comes with a giant chocolate egg, but Crayola has added two icing tubes so that you can decorate it to your heart's content.

The best part is you can eat your Easter egg masterpiece when you’re finished.

It was first spotted and posted on Facebook by Money Saver by Dansway who saw it in their local Sainsbury’s.

The post got over 1,000 likes, and the comments were full of people tagging their friends and family saying what a great idea it was.

One person wrote: “These look awesome”.

Another said: “Even at my age this is very appealing!”

It is, of course, perfect for those of you who have kids. Or for adults who just really like easter eggs and decorating- we don’t judge.

The Crayola easter egg is now available in Sainsbury’s for £5 each, so it’s a bargain too.

In other easter egg news, Hotel Chocolat released their range of themed treats. One of them is their ‘extra thick ‘You Crack Me Up’ easter egg, which looks like an ordinary chocolate egg on the outside until you crack it open to reveal a whole host of chocolate goodies with cute faces drawn on them.

 Kit Kat has also released a new product with their Biscoff flavoured chunky bars and chocolate egg for just £5, and so has Fry’s with their special edition Turkish Delight easter egg.

If you’re not quite ready for full-on Easter eggs just yet, but want to get into the spirit, why not check out this recipe for mini egg hot chocolate?