Jon Richardson's emotional tribute to Sean Lock on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown leaves viewers in tears

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15 Feb 2022, 11:39

Laugh until you cry or cry until you laugh? We're doing both. The passing of laughter legend Sean Lock has left a hole in the heart of comedy.

His first posthumous new episode of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown left fans in bits - and even more so after Jon Richardson's heartfelt words.

Unbeknown to fans, Lock had been battling cancer and passed away in August 2021. Richardson paid tribute on Twitter and wrote: "Watching Sean's last ep of Countdown I can see how upset I was knowing he was ill and how much that affected my performance, while Sean himself continued to be effortlessly hilarious.

"A true comic to the end. That's why he's trending on Twitter and why he's so missed."

The episode also marked his passing with an 'in memory of' title card.

Tributes poured in on Twitter for the man so very loved. One user wrote: "Pure genius, from the man who simply wants to be fly-tipped when he's gone. Forever missed, Sean."

Another penned: "Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened."

A third added: "As sad as Sean Lock no longer being here is, at least he came in an era where an abundance of his material has been immortalised and is easily accessible."

One fan said sadly: "Last year I got cancer. The only time I truly broke down was when I heard Sean died. I couldn’t watch Cats Does Countdown last night. This morning I been in tears from the start and I’m only half way through. I’m not sure I can watch the rest as that’s the end. Sorry Jon."

A viewer added: "Lots of emotions watching Sean's last episode of Catsdown. You are lucky to have been so close to him for all these years. Cherish the memories. Lots of videos of him on YouTube so he won't be forgotten. A class act and a classy man to the last day."

Another agreed: "Normally you only get upset when family members and friends pass away but for me it was also Morecambe & Wise and Sean Lock. Strange when I didn't know them. They made me smile and laugh so much. Comedy genius and thanks to TV they live on for more to enjoy."

One emotional person wrote: "I can’t bring myself to watch his last episode. Just can’t do it. Thank goodness he left us with so many brilliant performances. He regularly had me crying with laughter.Just the thought of him saying, 'Well Jimmy,' makes me smile. We were damn lucky to have him."

And: "It was amazing to see him enjoy being there, I can’t imagine how hard that must have been for all of you. I have the episode saved, because I had a hard time watching it, a third of the way through I just started to cry. I never knew him and I really miss him."

8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown airs Friday nights on Channel 4.