Some Wordle users confused by "two different" word answers

Virgin Radio

15 Feb 2022, 11:53

Pic: Wordle

Same day, different Wordle?

Some Wordle fans have been reporting their confusion after finding two different words when they play the game.

Wordle is a letter guessing game, where there is (usually) only one word a day to solve, which is the same for everyone.

However, on Tuesday, February 15th, some users found there were two different words depending on which version of the site they visited.

The original website displays one word, and the New York Times website showed another.

The NYT purchased Wordle from the creator of the game, Josh Wardle, for an undisclosed seven-figure sum.

Since switching over to the NYT website, users have complained of problems including losing their streak of successful answers.

For Wordle 241, players have realised that there are two possible answers.

“Same day, different Wordle. Is anyone having a different Wordle of the day too?” one user noticed.

Another added: “Uhoh!! My partner and I got two different correct words for #Wordle today. What is happening?”

It's caused upset for one family: “The absolute CHAOS on the group chats this morning when we discovered that we had two different word. Wordle is really causing family arguments today.”


“It’s been my singular, consistent joy these past weeks, and suddenly there are different words on the same day and the unheralded inclusion of words formerly known as proper nouns. WHAT IS THIS INSANITY? GIVE OUR WORDLE BACK.”

It seems that users who haven’t moved to the NYT for Wordle and are still on Powerlanguage will have had a different answer to those on the NYT website.

Alternatively, as it's 241, it could be 2 for 1, and a play on words.

Fans are undecided but either way are confused.

A new "harder" version of the game has been created now too.