Denise Van Outen reveals the fib she told to bag The Big Breakfast

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8 Apr 2022, 16:08

Credit: Getty

Good old Denise Van Outen. The presenter has revealed she told a little white lie in the 90s that happened to blag her a top job on The Big Breakfast.

In her new autobiography, A Bit Of Me, Denise said: “When it came to going for jobs, I hadn’t lost my creative streak when it came to asserting my suitability for a particular role.

“I wasn’t shy about that, sometimes I’d even add things to my CV that I hadn’t done.

“I remember going up for a part in a film once, and adding a Roman Polanski film to my CV, one that I was never in.

“Of course, with Google and the internet, you can’t get away with that sort of thing anymore, but back then I was pretty comfortable bolstering my credentials where necessary.”

Denise said: “What did I know about reading a weather report? Didn’t you have to have the right sort of meteorological knowledge for that?

“What I did know was that this was a fantastic opportunity, Channel 4 was doing a big relaunch of the show, and that’s where I came in.

“As per, I went all out, fibbing about having taken a meteorological course and assuring them that I’d be able to write my own weather report, no one could ever accuse me of not being a trier!”

Denise added: “They told me they knew full well I was making it all up, but if I could sit there brazenly delivering that level of bullshit, I was definitely the girl for the job.”