It’s the debate dividing the internet - how many holes does a straw have?

Virgin Radio

15 Aug 2022, 07:17

A collection of different coloured straws

Credit: Getty

People have been disagreeing on the internet recently. Very surprising, right? However, for once, the arguments aren’t about politics or sport, but rather because of - quite literally - a straw poll. Specifically, people are debating how many holes a straw has.

Is it one or two? Or, actually, is it none? 

Yes, a new YouGov poll has been dealing with the big issue of our times, and it’s causing quite the discussion. 

Some people say that the answer is one, while other people reckon that a straw has two holes - as in, one at each end. 

Other people, however, say that, actually, a straw doesn’t have any holes. It’s simply a sheet of material shaped into a cylinder.

The poll, via YouGov America, asked simply “How many holes are there in a straw?” on August 12th, and attracted close to 6000 votes. And the results were very close indeed. In total, 46 percent of people said there is one hole, 47 percent said there are two, and seven percent said that they simply didn’t know!

Commenters keenly put their points across. One person wrote: “It's one you monsters.”

One Twitter user agreed, saying: “If straw has 2 holes then so does a donut.”

Another person added: “A hole has three dimensions, not two. Since depth is required, but a bottom isn’t, a straw has (or more accurately is) one hole with two openings.”

Whilst there wasn't an option for zero holes, several people gave their thoughts on this possibility in the comments section. Someone said: “Look, if you tell the waiter there's a hole in your straw, they're gonna get you a new one. So, clearly, unless it's defective, a straw has no holes.”

Meanwhile, someone else joked: “I'd need to see the straw.”

So, what do you reckon? It is one, two, or none?