Strictly Come Dancing: Celebs were given dog codenames to conceal identities

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15 Aug 2022, 08:52

L-R: A sausage dog, the Strictly Come Dancing logo, a Dalmatian

Credit: Getty / BBC

In a bid to keep their real names secret before official announcements were made, this year’s Strictly Come Dancing contestants were given dog codenames by the show’s production team. And now, with the celebs having all been announced, their mutt-themed monikers have been revealed.

The nicknames were based on the celebrities’ character traits, physical attributes or locations.

As reported by Daily Star, each star was given the name of a breed of doggy. For instance, legendary pop star Matt Goss, from 80s boy band Bros, was called American Bulldog because he lives in the US.

Similarly, Loose Women’s Kaye Adams was called Scottish Terrier, because she is from Scotland.

Former Arsenal and England footballer Tony Adams was called Greyhound - possibly because of his athletic physique, and EastEnders actor James Bye was apparently coded Great Dane - presumably because he is over 6 foot tall. 

Paralympian Ellie Simmonds was called Golden Retriever. The Daily Star suggests this is due to her friendly and playful nature.

DJ Tyler West was Westie, which makes sense, while other nicknames include Whippet for comic/actor Ellie Taylor, Jack Russell for actor Will Mellor, and Chihuahua for comedian Jayde Adams. 

Meanwhile, radio and TV presenter Richie Anderson was Chow Chow), wildlife cameraman Hamza Yassin was Cocker Spaniel), singer Molly Rainford was Poodle, and TV presenter Helen Skelton was Beagle.

Obviously, these secret codenames are now redundant, with the celebrities real identities having been unveiled over the past days. 

It’s not the first time that the participants have been given names to keep their identities secret. The same thing happens every year, with the celebs using pseudonyms when having pre-series meetings, rehearsals, wardrobe fittings, and so on.

Last year, they were given the names of famous cartoon characters. In 2019 they were named after superheroes, and in 2018 the theme was cheese! 

The new series of Strictly is set to air next month on BBC One.