This week on Virgin Radio Pride: Madonna, Eurovision and the LGBTQ+ community's influence on music

Virgin Radio

15 Aug 2022, 14:05

(L-R) Virgin Radio Pride logo, (above) Madonna performing (below) Eurovision 2023 logo

Credit: Getty / Twitter (@Eurovision)

It’s all about the music on Virgin Radio Pride this week. 

Music plays a big part in all of our lives, but this week, the Big Conversation is focusing on the incredible influence queer artists have had on the industry as a whole, and how the power of music has aided the LGBTQ+ community too.

Tonight (Monday 15th August), trailblazing trans journalist, author and presenter Paris Lees picks her Pride Playlist with Steve Denyer. 

During My Pride Playlist, Paris will share stories from her youth and the struggles she faced growing up trans, her take on the issues facing the trans community today and the climate emergency. 

Her musical picks range from 90s rave to Kelly Rowland to Sugababes. 

On Tuesday night (16th August), presenter Stephanie Hirst will take a candid look into the unspoken issues surrounding transgender people in Living Authentically - Trans Truths. 

Paris Munro, Cleo Madeleine and several figures from the trans and non-binary community will bust some of the myths and misconceptions about trans people and ask the difficult questions that need to be heard.  Plus, we’ll hear from Lee Lester from the Mermaids, as he holds a discussion with members of the public.

She’s one of the most iconic artists of all time, and Steve Denyer will be back on Pride on Wednesday (17th August) with a special look at Madonna and her new album, Finally Enough Love. 

The hour will showcase the standout songs that have mapped her career like Holiday, Open Your Heart and Like a Prayer plus the stars she has influenced. 

Chris Evans will tell the story of being at Madonna’s first ever UK appearance in the Hacienda in Manchester, and Graham Norton will chat about interviewing her not once, not twice, but three times and what she's really like. Plus, Darren Hayes opens up about being invited to her dinner party and accidentally offending her by not dressing up.

The Eurovision Song Contest has always held a special place in the hearts of many LGBTQ+ fans. From the music, to the performers, to the spectacle, it's always been a place where people can be themselves. 

For Virgin Radio Pride on Thuesday (18th August), Steve Holden takes a look at why it's felt like such a safe space for the queer community. He's also the host of the Official Eurovision Song Contest podcast and has been speaking to LBGTQ+ contestants, employees and fans about why it's so well loved. He also explores some of the artists who've been out and proud on the world's biggest live music stage. 

On Sunday (21st August) from 6pm, Quite A Queer Conversation features non-binary telly presenter Julia Hardy and video producer and streamer Aiofe Wilson.

Listen online at, on the Virgin Radio UK app or ask your smart speaker to 'Play Virgin Radio Pride UK'. All specials listed air from 6pm.