Sarah Snook "gasped” watching ‘Succession’ season three scene

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15 Aug 2022, 15:01

Credit: Getty

And surprisingly, it wasn't the bit with Roman's [censored] pic.

Sarah Snook, who plays Shiv Roy in the always incredible Succession, has said there was a moment where she “genuinely gasped” while watching the finale of season three.

Last time we connected with the Roy family, we saw Logan Roy's backstabbing brood discover that their also backstabbing mother had reversed the terms of her divorce agreement with her ex-husband (Brian Cox), stopping their move to prevent Logan from selling the company.

Now, speaking to Entertainment Weekly’s The Awardist podcast, Snook said that, despite being present at the filming of said scene, the editing of it left her surprised as to the outcome.

“I obviously know Succession, I was there when we were shooting it,” Snook said. “But because I didn’t know how they were going to edit the end of episode nine, when [director Mark Mylod] cuts to black on Shiv, even though I know what she’s thinking… the way he edited it and when they cut to black and then the music, I really genuinely gasped like, ‘Oh! What’s going to happen?!’”

Snook also talked about the personality of her fan favourite character.

“She’s complex and she’s unlikeable and she’s also got these amazing qualities," she said. "Her entitlement has given her this confidence and belief that she’s allowed to be in any room she’s in.”

Succession was renewed for a fourth season in October last year, which is currently in production. Snook is sure to play a large role, with her character dealing with the betrayal of her husband Tom, played by British actor Matthew Macfadyen.

Speaking about the future of the show, Macfadyan recently told GQ, "Yes. It’s exciting, especially for where it might go. And I have no idea where it might go. I’ve never been part of any discussion yet. I don’t know, is the truthful answer. And I actually don’t mind.”

A release date for the new season has yet to be announced.