Peaky Blinders’ Harry Kirton is keen for a spin-off about Finn Shelby: 'I definitely want to revisit it'

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14 Oct 2022, 09:46

Harry Kirton (Left) Peaky Blinders (Right)

Credit: Getty/BBC

It’s been seven months since the Peaky Blinders finale exploded onto our screens and Harry Kirton, who played Finn Shelby in the series, has said he would be interested in a spin-off about his character.

Things didn’t exactly end well for Finn, the youngest Shelby brother, in the sixth and final season of the hit BBC show. He had a habit of getting himself into trouble with Arthur and Tommy, and in the end, found himself banished from the family after showing his true colours during a particularly tense scene with Tommy’s long-lost son, Duke.

We don’t really know what happened to Finn after he was banished and maybe that will be addressed in the upcoming Peaky Blinders film, but Harry has said he would be up for exploring his character more in a spin-off show.

Speaking to and other press on the red carpet of the NTAs on Thursday (14th October), the actor said: “I would not shy away from revisiting it, but I think maybe in a few years- give people time to forget about it a bit. And we’ve got the film coming out and, not to sound vain, but I am most intrigued about my character’s journey because everybody else is still in the gang and I’m gone.”

He continued: “I don't have immediate contact with  Stephen [Knight], but whenever I see him, we have good conversations about where the story might go. Obviously, Finn being the youngest brother, and with the passing of Helen and then like the way all the character's journeys have gone- it does kind of set you up for the younger generation.

Harry Kirton as Finn Shelby

Credit: BBC

“So, I am kind of intrigued, and we're heading towards the second world war now in that storyline, so will he end up just being a soldier? Will he skip that? Like there are so many avenues to go down. I do want to revisit it, but just not now. I think it's too soon.”

Showrunner and creator of the series, Stephen Knight, has also teased there could be more Peaky Blinders to come on the small screen.

Last month, while speaking at the premiere of the Peaky Blinders dance show, The Redemption of Thomas Shelby, he hinted the sixth season might not be the last.

The writer said: “I think after the film, we will look at, it won’t be me, it would be me sort of launching possible new stories in the 50s and then I would hand over the baton of writing and creating the thing to other people, but if there’s an appetite for the world, then it will continue.”

When asked further about there being a new TV series, Steven replied: “Yeah, but this would be post-film, and it would be me handing over to new writers, new people.”

Who knows! Maybe we haven’t seen the last of the Shelbys on our TV screens.