Fans are calling Netflix series 'From Scratch' 'the best show they've seen all year'

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25 Oct 2022, 14:33

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If you're in need of a gorgeous new show to watch, From Scratch could be the one for you.

The new series is full of stunning scenery, appetising food, and plenty of romance.

Zoe Saldaña is the star in the new show, and fans are loving it so far.

From Scratch follows the story of an artist who is in Italy and finds romance.

The visit changes her life, and it's an emotional tale of love and loss.

People have been praising the show on social media.

"Anyone else watching From Scratch on Netflix?!? I’m OBSESSED," one person wrote.

Another agreed: "From Scratch on Netflix is so good. Finished the entire show in one sitting and cried multiple times. You’ll feel every emotion. Love, happiness, sadness, pain, even anger. Loved it #FromScratch."

"From Scratch on Netflix is hands down the best limited series I’ve watched this year. I laughed, smiled and cried. I highly recommend it. 10/10!"

Another praised the show, saying it's not just a rom com: "From Scratch on Netflix is an absolutely beautiful and complex love story. Not a rom com. Two people falling in love. Family bonds . Sibling bonds. Father/son drama. Wounds of divorce. Cultural differences. Anti-blackness . Illness. Navigating adoption. Accepting loss."

Zoe plays Amy, who falls in love with a chef named Lino while she studies art.

As nothing is ever simple, Amy finds herself in a love triangle.

Not only that, but her family doesn't approve of her choice to delay her studies for her European trip.

The series is based off a memoir of the same name written by Tembi Locke.

Have you watched it?

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