The White Lotus star teases ‘iconic’ Jennifer Coolidge scene that didn’t make the final cut

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3 Mar 2023, 10:05

Jennifer Coolidge in The White Lotus

Credit: HBO

The White Lotus is full of memorable moments from Jennifer Coolidge, but her co-star Haley Lu Richardson has dished on the one “iconic scene” fans will never get the chance to see. 

Jennifer starred as Tanya McQuoid in the hilarious anthology series, while Haley played her personal assistant, Portia. 

While chatting to E! News while at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, during which The White Lotus won two prizes, Haley shared what her favourite scene was, and it involved an unforgettable moment with Jennifer that unfortunately made it on to the cutting room floor. 

The scene in question was an improvised moment with Jennfer, where her character is pondering where her husband, played by Jon Gries, is. 

Haley explained: “My favourite moment with her was part of this scene that didn’t make it into the show. It was iconic and it was so cool. I got to see something iconic that she did that no one else will get to see.

“She’s like ‘Do you think Greg is cheating on me?’. She went off on this tangent that wasn’t in the script where she was like, ‘Do you? Do you?’. Looking around at everyone at breakfast screaming ‘Do you?’. The rest of the time we were filming we were all just saying ‘Do you?!'”

During the SAG ceremony on Sunday (26th February) Jennifer landed the Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Drama Series, while The White Lotus scored Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. 

Season two of the black comedy HBO series took place in Italian White Lotus resort, and while fans eagerly await news about series three, exec producer David Bernad recently hinted at where the next glamorous location will be

Bernad said: “We’ve tried to work in Asia a lot and hopefully season three will be our chance to make something happen there."

Joking about the series two locale, he added: “We were looking for a country in Europe with a production rebate, and Knives Out had just gone to Greece so it was down to France to Italy.

Bernad hopes the success of his show will lead to more projects filming overseas.

“U.S audiences have been very closed off but hopefully the success of The White Lotus shooting in Italy and being half in Italian and others shows like Money Heist that have worked around the world will make them more outwards looking,” said Bernad.