The Last of Us fans want the show to stop killing people off

Virgin Radio

5 Mar 2023, 19:19

Credit: HBO

Given this is a TV show about the post-apocalypse, this seems a bit unreasonable.

Viewers of The Last of Us are expressing their frustration at the hit HBO show killing off every character they grow to love. Warning: spoilers follow!

The first series of the TV adaptation of the best-selling videogame of the same name only has two episodes left, and so far a total of 12 characters have died. Some of these deaths have taken place in flashbacks, whilst others have taken place in the present day.

There have been significant differences between the TV show and the Naughty Dog developed game, but even so, most fans of the latter will have seen some of these deaths coming. After all, if you're appearing in a flashback and not the present day, chances are that you've snuffed it.

The first episode of The Last of Us TV series features one of the most traumatic moments from the game, with the death of Joel's daughter, Sara. The demise of his partner Tess, killed by the infected, follows in episode two. And if that wasn't brutal enough, in episodes three and four viewers have had to deal with the loss of star-crossed couple Bill and Frank, and then brothers Henry and Sam.

In the latest episode, viewers are taken on a flashback journey into Ellie's past, revealing the fate of her friend - and perhaps a bit more - Riley. The show's portrayal of loss and grief has been so impactful that some viewers have turned to Twitter to express their upset.

With just two episodes left in the series, there is still a lot to happen if Joel and Ellie are going to reach the Firefly base in Ohio.

Interestingly, the series finale will be the shortest episode of the season, clocking in at just 43 minutes compared to the almost hour-long runtime of the other episodes.

And yet despite the season coming to a close, fans can rest assured that a second series has already been given the green light. Phew...