Why you should NEVER brush your teeth in the shower and how it could make you sick

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30 Jun 2023, 11:54

Why you should NEVER brush your teeth in the shower as it could make you sick

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We may always be in a rush, but cleaning our teeth in the shower is the one time-saving hack we should never do. According to an expert, the 'cross-contamination' could make us ill.

Lead Dentist and Clinical Director of Quest Dental, Payal Bhalla, told HuffPost the reasons why and explained that 'since your body will have certain germs you don't really want in your mouth, washing at the same time as brushing your teeth could transfer these nasty germs.

Payal continued that 'the showerhead can harbour bacteria, and when you brush your teeth under the showerhead, you may be exposing your toothbrush to those bacteria, again increasing your likelihood of illness'.

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The higher temperature in the shower is also an issue and could soften the bristles on your toothbrush, making plaque-removal less efficient.

The dentist warned: "Water and toothpaste can make the shower floor slippery, which can increase the risk of falls and injuries."

Payal continued: "While brushing your teeth in the shower, you may end up using more water than necessary.

"For example, if you leave the water running while you brush your teeth, you may waste a significant amount of water."

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And you definitely shouldn't leave your toothbrush in the shower.

"Bacteria can build up on your toothbrush and potentially lead to oral health issues,” she explained.

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