TikTok hack reveals we've been using kitchen roll holders all wrong

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30 Jun 2023, 12:15

Kitchen roll

Pic: Getty/@cippirippicippi TikTok

TikTok is an incredible app for learning new tips and tricks, and it turns out we've been using a truat kitchen roll holder incorrectly.

The trick was shared by model Chiara Paoleschi, posting as @cippirippicippi.

She shared a video called ‘Things I wish I knew before.’

Chiara filmed herself taking a standard kitchen towel holder and turning it on its side.

Next, she hooks it underneath a kitchen cabinet.

Pic: @cippirippicippi TikTok

The dispenser attached to the bottom of the cupboard, and gives you a horizontal holder.

By using the roll horizontally, you could save some important counter space.

A whopping 23.2 million people have watched her video.

It has now clocked up over a million likes.

"I am still blinking my eyes in disbelief," said one.

Another called it 'life changing' while another joked: "My life was a lie".

"I tried and it works," said one tester. "Maybe our door is a bit different, but it closes perfectly."

Have you given this a go or have you been storing it on the side like the rest of us?

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