Eddy's Good News: A British retail hero and how the loss of smell is being blown away

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24 Nov 2023, 12:00

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Friday 24th November 2023

Credit: Colour Friday

On Black Friday, I’d like to introduce you to a British retail hero, Holly Tucker, saviour of small high street businesses, who was so appalled by the vacuous consumerism promoted in Black Friday, that she started ‘Colour Friday’.

It’s a call to boycott Black Friday with the huge multinationals like Amazon and shop small and local instead. 2.3 Billion quid gets spent on Amazon in the UK today and 80% of it will end up in a landfill or will be poorly recycled, while 60% of small businesses on our high streets fear they will close in the next 12 months.

We can vote with our wallets, says Holly, instead of buying into the disposal discount culture, to support your local high street shops and keep your money in your neighbourhood.

There’s a link to the Colour Friday website for info, tips and inspiration, on the Eddy’s Good News page of our website.

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I have a dear friend called Sal, she works for My Black Dog, the peer to peer mental health charity, and she hasn’t been able to smell anything for the past three years. Sal is one of many people who have what’s called Parosmia, it’s a condition which robs your ability to smell, people sometimes get it after brain trauma, brain surgery, a stroke, with some head and neck tumours, and viral infections like Covid 19.

Ever since Sal had Covid she can’t smell the gravy in her roasting tin on Sunday and the worst thing, she says, is not being able to smell her children when she hugs them. Sal and many others like her now have light at the end of their tunnel thanks to a non invasive ten minute procedure that injects anaesthetic and anti inflammatory directly into the stellate ganglion on one side of the neck to stimulate the autonomic nervous system. They tested this out and of the 37 people who fed back data, over half, 22 reported almost immediate positive results with some getting their full smelling capabilities back after a month. No side effects were reported. This is happening in the US but it’s only a matter of time before we cotton on and maybe Sal can get her smell back.

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