Made In Chelsea’s Louise Thompson reveals stoma bag that ‘saved her life’

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9 Apr 2024, 16:01

Louise Thompson poses with her stoma bag

Credit: Instagram

The reality tv star unveiled the “little grey pouch” to her fans on Tuesday, emphasising her gratitude towards the procedure she’d undertaken.

Writing in an Instagram post, the former Made In Chelsea star revealed the stoma bag for the first time: “Introducing the grey bag that may well have saved my life. Not exactly a glamorous announcement but not something I want to have to keep hidden forever.”

Thompson was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, a condition in which the colon and rectum become inflamed, in 2018 and has shared her health struggles in the past, including a flareup with the condition earlier this year.

Some of those who have the condition live with a stoma - an opening on the abdomen which connects to the digestive or urinary system and allows waste to be diverted out of the body and into a bag like the one featured in the star’s post.

Thompson showed how her own surgery couldn’t keep her spirits down, joking about the less-than-thrilling nature of her announcement: “HOW DO I DISCLOSE THIS SORT OF NEWS? It’s not exactly exciting like a big pregnancy or gender reveal announcement! Hey look i’m having a boy… Hey look i’ve got a stoma!”

She went on to write: “So I guess i’ll just stand here Proud in stature With my new friend Le bum bag that represents life And hopefully a better one.” 

“Isn’t it bizarre that this little grey pouch is the price I pay for good health! I say good riddance to that nasty menacing colon!,” the reality star mused.

Understanding the existing stigma around living with ulcerative colitis, and the bravery and strength Thompson had shown by sharing her personal health battles, fans and celebrity friends alike praised the star for her candid post.

The messages of support and praise were led by her brother and fellow Made In Chelsea star, Sam Thompson, who wrote: “The only way is up from here on out. The fact that you're my sister is just so f***ing awesome! A real life hero.”

Zara McDermott, a recent contestant on Strictly and Sam’s girlfriend, joined in, adding: “When you think about it, it’s a beautiful thing because it means less time in hospital, less time in pain, less time with a poison organ in your body! Now you are free my girl. Now it’s time for YOU.”

Some celebrities also took the opportunity to share their own personal connections to the condition with TOWIE star Maria Fowler writing: “Amazing you have been so brave to share this. My mum suffers with ulcerative colitis and I know how debilitating it can be. Here's to a good fulfilling life.”