Swindon's infamous roundabout system has become a tourist attraction

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26 Oct 2021, 09:22

Picture: The Sun

Picture: The Sun

If you’ve ever driven in Swindon, then there’s a good chance that you’ve encountered the somewhat bonkers Magic Roundabout. 

The complicated, and very stressful ring junction consists of five mini-roundabouts in a circle, making one mega-roundabout. Whilst it may be a cause for drivers to panic upon approach, the junction has become an unlikely tourist attraction!

Many drivers might hate it, but people are apparently travelling from all over the place to check it out, and it even has its own Tripadvisor page with 198 reviews. In news that will surprise any motorist who has endlessly gone round and round in search of the correct exit, most of the reviewers on Tripadvisor have rated it as ‘excellent’. 

One person wrote: “Seriously, this is one of the weirdest road layouts probably in the world, so you have to drive across it as least once, just so you can say you survived.”

Another reviewed it by enthusing: “Best roundabout in the world - fun to sit back and watch the crashes.”

Someone else reassuringly said: “Yes, it can be a bit daunting the first time you approach it, but on the whole other motorists are pretty forgiving if you get yourself into a lane you don't want to be in.”

Other reviewers weren’t so keen. One said: “This roundabout is a nightmare and as a Swindon resident, I avoid it at all costs! Cars come at you from all directions and one never really knows who has right of way!!”

Another person agreed, writing: “Its not that magical, the magic roundabout was awesome in the 1970's and the magic roundabout in Swindon is not.”

Another person joked: “I'm not really sure whether it's on here for irony or people seriously think it's an attraction in Swindon - there isn't a gift shop and I don't even think the newsagents on the edge of it sells souvenirs!”

If you want to visit this dazzling tourist attraction, then, as any frustrated travelling football fan will tell you, it’s close to Swindon Town FC’s County Ground. 

Give it a visit, and then give it a review!