Asda is selling a bargain dupe of Hotel Chocolat’s £99 velvetiser

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11 Nov 2021, 15:25

Credit: Getty

There's nothing better than cosying up with a mug of hot chocolate and putting something festive on the telly.

Cocoa fans have long been raving about Hotel Chocolat's velvetiser - a machine that helps you to make a silky smooth drink.

However, the price tag of £99 has put many people off until now, but Asda has stepped in with its own bargain version.

The George Home black milk frother will set you back just £25, and it will take your coffee or hot chocolate break to the next level.

The Asda version features a simple two-button control panel, and it automatically switches off after you've heated or frothed your milk.

It can froth 150ml milk so the perfect amount for a fancy drink.

You can also heat or froth plant-based milk as well.

There are plenty of positive reviews on Asda's website. Fans praise the gadget calling it a "great little buy" and a "brilliant piece of kitchen kit".

If you order online, standard delivery costs £2.95.

At £25, it's 75% cheaper than Hotel Chocolat's £99 velvetiser.

It's become an iconic bit of kit for hot chocolate fans, with supporters raving about their luxury purchase.

One said the Velvetiser is the "best purchase I've ever made", and someone else called it a "game changer".

However, there are some differences between Asda's frother and Hotel Chocolat's velvetiser.

The velvetiser comes in three colours, white, copper and charcoal, and it also melts and blends their chocolate flakes into the drink.

The Asda milk frother heats and froths the milk separately, which you then stir into your chosen hot chocolate.

Whichever you choose, you'll be sure to enjoy a sweet treat.