Sam Ryder shocks fans with his face after surgery

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1 Aug 2023, 10:58

Sam Ryder on stage

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Sam Ryder displayed a deeply blackened eye at a festival over the weekend following a recent surgery.

The charismatic Eurovision star, recently had a bit of an eye-opening experience—literally!

He underwent surgery to remove a lump above his eye, and appeared unfazed by the resulting damage to his now bruised face.

He fearlessly took to the stage at a festival over the weekend, rocking a black and silver space-themed boiler suit like a true intergalactic rockstar and showed off his battle scars with pride!

Of course, Sam Ryder didn't leave his fans hanging in the dark.

He took to Instagram to share a hilarious gallery of snaps, including one where he wrapped a towel around his neck (space-age superhero style!) and showcased his red and sore eyes.

A cheeky pal even joked that they had thrown a punch his way to give him those eye-catching bruises!

But fear not, dear fans, our brave crooner assured us there's "nothing to worry about."

He gleefully captioned the post with this uplifting comment: "the best medicine was a weekend full of music with my pals and singing my head off with you all!"

Playfully, Ryder also adding: "Ps. sorry for jumping around, Doc." making amends with the surgeon who patched him up after getting a bit carried away with his performance.

Naturally, Sam's legion of devoted fans rallied around him, offering sympathy and support, while others cheekily praised him for following doctor's orders and having a "calm and quiet weekend."

One said: 'Good that you glad a great weekend but please be careful and not throw your recovery backwards, we all want you fit and well.'

Another added: 'The doctor will be thrilled you kept yourself calm and quiet all weekend after surgery! 

''ve had multiple surgeries of similar and although I was naughty afterwards….I don't think quite to the extent you did! Well done.'

A third penned: 'You were fantastic, @samhairwolfryder - what a brilliant performance! Take care of that eye, Sam!!'

Ryder needs to take care of those precious peeper, right?

In a funny twist, Sam asked in a comment on the original post: "Is it strange to enjoy a black eye??!?'.

Well, if you can rock that battle scar with style, why not embrace it, right?

But don't worry, he's well on the mend and looking forward to more fantastic performances and new music.

Speaking of performances, Sam shared a snap with the legendary Noel Gallagher backstage, and let's just say their vibes were like night and day!

The Oasis taskmaster had also bruised his own face a short while ago, and was notably less positive about the experience.

Sam was all smiles, while Noel maintained his signature stony-faced look.

Fans couldn't help but chuckle, with one hilariously noting that: "Noel looks like an introvert who’s been adopted by an extrovert".. Quite the duo!

All in all, Sam Ryder is proving that nothing can keep him down—not even a little eye surgery.