Billie Eilish to play solar-powered festival set

Virgin Radio

1 Aug 2023, 14:30

Pic: Getty

Billie Eilish will use solar-power energy for her upcoming festival show.

She will be using intelligent, zero-emission battery systems, after Billie teamed up with environmental non-profit Reverb.

A temporary onsite solar farm has been set up by Overdrive Energy Solutions, according to Variety.

Billie has been vocal about her care for the environment previously.

She funded the Music Decarbonization Project, a scheme to try to combat climate change.

Her new solar-powered set is one of the ideas to come from the scheme.

A press release stated: "This bold and revolutionary move will be a powerful example of an emerging clean energy solution that can help rapidly reduce the carbon emissions of live music.

"The goal at Lollapalooza is to further prove clean energy technology’s ability to provide power to large stages and drive the music industry toward a future that is less reliant on highly polluting diesel generators."

Adam Gardner of Reverb added: "We hope and believe this will be a watershed moment for the music industry. There are real climate solutions available right here, right now. By showcasing this technology with one of the biggest artists in the world, on one of the most revered festival stages, we’re accelerating the necessary transition toward a decarbonized future, for music and beyond."

Billie joins the likes of Coldplay for trying to make music and touring more eco-friendly.

Eilish also ran an eco event at the O2 in London previously.

All of the catering and food at the event was vegan at Billie's request, too.

The star also contributed a song to the Barbie soundtrack.