My 80s Playlist: Eddy Temple-Morris on the band he ‘worshipped’, his MTV career and a life-saving phone call

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18 Dec 2023, 15:16

Eddy Temple Morris and Steve Denyer at Virgin Radio Studios

Credit: Virgin Radio

Virgin Radio’s Eddy Temple-Morris hopped from one studio to another to take part in the next My 80s Playlist for Virgin Radio 80s Plus. 

Our mid-mornings presenter and bonafide music guru joined Virgin Radio in 2017 after decades of experience on telly and radio for the likes of XFM and and Channel 5. 

While on air with Virgin Radio 80s Plus host Steve Denyer, Eddy went through his favourite tunes of the decade, as well as the defining moments in his life and career - which kicked off with his first on-air presenting role on MTV.  

Watch Eddy Temple Morris’ My 80s Playlist below: 

Originally getting his start doing music and voice overs for radio, Eddy explained to host Steve: “I had absolutely no desire to crossover to be a presenter.”

On his origins on MTV, Eddy continued: “I got kind of spotted by someone and then railroaded into doing a screen test. I tried to sandbag it, but I didn't prepare anything. They pointed a camera at me and said, ‘say something.’ I was like, ‘what do you want me to say?’ And they said, ‘well, people normally prepare stuff’. I said, ‘sue me, I haven't got anything’, so I pretended to play an Oasis video because I was a massive Oasis fan at the time.”

Despite being under-prepared for such a gig, Eddy landed the hosting job, which helped build up his profile as a music maestro. 

“I think what did it for me was that everybody at that time wanted to be on MTV," he continued. "You had all these like models and wannabes and people who wanted to be famous. They were just all desperate to get on MTV and I was there just going, ‘well actually, I don't want to be on MTV,’ and I think you can smell desperation, can't you?”

Circling back to the music, and Eddy shared the one band who he “worshipped” like its own religion. 

Discussing Japan and their 1980 hit single Gentlemen Take Polaroids, the DJ added: “I copied them. I bought David Sylvian’s red leather blazer, like the one that he wore on the cover of Quiet Life. 

“I started playing bass because I was so inspired by Mick Karn, their bass player. I had kind of identified that the bass players seem to be the coolest guys in the band.

“My musician mates wanted to be guitar players at that time, and I just thought it'd be easier to get in a band if I'm a bass player. I started playing bass at about 19, Japan were just kind of switching from a kind of glam rock band into this beautiful new romantic space. And that new romanticism, I just bought into that.”

While music obviously has a very important role in Eddy’s life, the connection made through living and working in music ultimately saved his life too. 

While discussing Tubeway Army’s 1978 song Down In The Park, Eddy opened up about his friendship with frontman Gary Numan. 

“I invited him to co-host my show on another radio station...and I hadn't slept the night before because he was an absolute hero, and I had heard he could be difficult in interviews. I was bricking myself.”

Despite the initial nerves, our Eddy revealed how one act of kindness, and one simple phone call with Gary's wife Gemma, gave him some light during the darkest time of his life. 

“We got on so well that he basically gave me his contact and said ‘please stay in touch’, which we did. His wife, Gemma, came over and hugged me and said, I think you might be the nicest guy that we know. If you are struggling at any time, here's my number, we're in LA. Just give me a call.’ She literally saved my life.

“I'd call Gemma and she'd take the mickey out of me and go ‘don’t be so stupid, we love you. Don't do anything daft. The moral of that story is to talk to people.”

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