Kate Hudson wants to star in a biopic about Stevie Nicks and would 'go method'

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4 Jun 2024, 16:06

(L-R) Kate Hudson onstage, Stevie Nicks

Pic: Getty

Kate Hudson is a huge fan of Stevie Nicks and has revealed she would love the chance to play her in a biopic.

She has said she would "go method" for the role and fully embody her.

It comes after biopic successes for Queen, Elvis, and Sir Elton John, with a new one from Madonna in the works too.



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Hudson opened up to Rolling Stone in an interview where she also talks about her new-found music career.

She made her name starring in the likes of Almost Famous, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days, Bride Wars and more.

Kate had many singing roles as an actor, but has now released her debut album, called Glorious.

“I think for all girls who love rock, Stevie’s just our number one,” Hudson said. “Her whole life experience and the music. Fleetwood Mac, that whole journey from before Stevie to after Stevie? And her relationship with Lindsey [Buckingham]? It’s like a trilogy. There’s so much there. To me, that’s like the ultimate rock ‘n’ roll story.”

“My family might disown me if I ever got a chance to play Stevie. ‘Cause they’d be like, ‘Can we not go method?’ I would probably go way too far into that character.”

She said she would also like the chance to play Dusty Springfield too.

“To me it’s also about the interesting life, and being able to tell that story correctly. I think Dusty Springfield is a really interesting story,” she added.

“She’s one of my favourites and she was very shy. She had a lot of stage fright. Really fascinating woman. I think she struggled with being open about her sexuality. That could be a very powerful movie.”

Kate also revealed she delayed starting a music career for one reason: a fear of rejection.

“Rejection, generally, I can handle [and] I’ve created a very tough skin for the acting world,” she explained. “When it comes to this, though, it felt so vulnerable that if I would’ve done this in my late 20s, I think it would’ve been very hard for me to not sort of get carried into what people were saying. And at this age and where I’m at in my life, I don’t have that same fear of rejection anymore.”

She added: “I really just want to share it. I recognise that you’re not gonna win everybody over. But I can’t be led by that fear, or else I just would never put art into the world.”

We'd love a Stevie biopic!