Surprise BBC News presenter DJ set to rock Glastonbury 2024

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17 Jun 2024, 15:52

Glastonbury Festival

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BBC’s Explainer-in-Chief swaps news desk for turntables at Glastonbury 2024.

Glastonbury 2024 is set to be a banger, and it’s not just because of the stellar lineup. Among the stars, there’s an unexpected DJ ready to drop some heavy beats and take the crowd by storm.

This isn't your typical DJ - think less superstar producer and more, well, BBC News presenter. Yes, you read that right!



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Ros Atkins, the calm and collected face of BBC News, is ready to unleash his inner raver on the legendary Glastonbury stage.

Known for his insightful 'explainer in chief' segments, Ros is about to explain a whole new side of himself—one that’s less about breaking news and more about breaking beats.

Ros, 50, has been with the Beeb since 2001, guiding viewers through everything from political scandals like Partygate to the intricacies of international affairs.

But before he became the nation's trusted news source, Ros was spinning tracks at raves in Cornwall. That’s right, the man behind the tie was once behind the turntables, dropping drum and bass tracks that would make any raver’s heart skip a beat.

The seasoned journalist recently shared the extraordinary journey that led him back to his DJ roots and onto the Glastonbury lineup.

On Twitter, he revealed: “In an unlikely development, I’m going to be doing a drum and bass set at Glastonbury. And, not at all unreasonably, quite a few people have asked me variations on ‘How did that happen?!’”

It all started in 2022 when Ros gave an interview about his DJing past. This chat sparked interest from BBC colleagues and a Soho nightclub, who asked if he fancied a live set.

Ros jumped at the chance, trading in his old vinyl records for digital decks and brushing up on new DJ techniques from some of his drum and bass heroes.

Fast forward to today, and Ros is set to take The Park by storm during The Stonebridge event, famous for its 'debauched beats' and 'back-to-back anthems.'

On Twitter, Ros shared his excitement: “It’s frankly incomprehensible that I’m tweeting this – but here’s the line-up for Stonebridge at Glastonbury and, to my great excitement and astonishment, I’m on it.

"What started with a one-off drum and bass set for BBC6Music two years ago has ended up here. Very grateful for the invitation. Work on the set has already begun.”

Ros isn’t just hyped for the gig; he sees it as a career peak in his DJing journey. When asked if this Glastonbury set was the pinnacle of his career, he responded, “In DJing terms, I think we can say that with some certainty!”

Reflecting on his musical past, Ros shared an intriguing tale from his teenage years.

His post read: “Now here’s a story. Back in the 90s, along with lots of teenagers in Cornwall, I started going to raves and listening to hardcore and drum and bass.

"I also started to DJ… I started to buy a lot of D&B and, through my 20s, in a very amateur fashion, I DJed a range of music in London, Cornwall & Cambridge.”

And it wasn’t just local gigs. Ros took his talents to South Africa, where he spun tracks at a massive rave in Johannesburg train station.

This unexpected musical journey even caught the attention of TV chef Nigella Lawson, who praised his story as 'Fabulous.'

So, as Glastonbury-goers prepare for another year of mud, music, and magic, one set is bound to stand out.

Ros Atkins, BBC’s explainer extraordinaire, is ready to trade headlines for headliners, bringing his drum and bass beats to the iconic festival.