'I'd love to' - Chris McCausland speaks about a possible second series of Wonders of the World I Can't See

Virgin Radio

15 Dec 2023, 14:52

Chris McCausland talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio

When Chris McCausland popped in to Virgin Radio, he spoke about whether there will be more from his Channel 4 travelogue series.

Joining the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with cinch ahead of his brand new stand-up tour, the comedian opened up about Wonders of the World I Can’t See, which aired earlier this year. In the four-part series, Chris - who is blind due to a degenerative eye disorder - was joined by a different comedy guest, who provided an 'audio description' of their surroundings. 

“The idea behind the series is, what is the point that we go into these places, to go and look at the thing that everybody goes to look at really?” Chris said. “Is there much point when somebody can describe it from a picture? And is there more going on in these places than just going to look at the thing.”

The guests were Tom Allen, Harry Hill, Guz Khan and Liza Tarbuck. Speaking about the latter, the Liverpool-born comedian said: “I'd never met her. She was a bit of a pipe dream, to be honest, if we could get her on it. And then amazingly, we did. And we spent five days in Niagara Falls. I don't want to tell the people in charge of the budgets if we do a second series, but we could have done Scarborough and it would have been fun. No offence to Scarborough. But Liza Tarbuck was such a wonderful energy that it was phenomenal, to be honest.”

Regarding the show, Chris explained: “I think we were quite honest in the series, in that some of the stuff was underwhelming. I think the Treasury in Jordan, for me, was quite underwhelming, just having this kind of abstract thing that nobody really knew exactly what it was, having it described to me. But then the surrounding area was just just phenomenal, when you turned your back to it and and you experienced the surrounding area. Whereas Niagara Falls itself with Liza, was just completely overwhelming on all sensory fronts, but then you turn your back to it and it's like Blackpool in the 80s.”

When asked if he would make another series, Chris said: “I’d love to. It's on the cards, and we've spoken about it. And Channel 4 were delighted with how we performed and the feedback from the viewers was fantastic. But it's one of those things, at the minute, where I think Tiktok and Instagram have stolen all the advertising money and there's a queue of things waiting to be recommissioned. 

“I think the people involved want to make more and it's just a case of sitting there and waiting, at the minute, for somebody to sign us off and stick me on a plane.”

Should there be more episodes made, then one thing the stand-up won’t be looking forward to is the travelling. “I am not a good flyer,” he admitted. 

“I can't relax on them. I'm exhausted. When I get to the other end, I am exhausted from being on edge for however long the flight is. And you know what I think it is as well, when we hit turbulence, any level of turbulence, I can't see how normal my surroundings are, and I can't see the cabin crew going about their business with smiles on their faces. In my mind, everyone's doing that Macaulay Culkin 'hand slap to the face' silent scream.” 

He added: “Any little bump, I’m like ‘Are we okay? What was that?’ I'm a nightmare to sit next to.”

Chris also chatted about his upcoming stand-up tour, called Yonks!. Read all about it here.

Yonks! begins on Tuesday 9th January. Tickets are available now at chrismccausland.com.

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