Deadpool star Rob Delaney reveals why he has become a British citizen

Virgin Radio

11 Jul 2024, 10:57

Rob Delaney talks to Chris Evans at Virgin Radio

Credit: Virgin Radio

Rob Delaney visited Virgin Radio to talk about the new Deadpool film, the Euros, and the fact that he is now a British citizen.

The morning after England’s epic victory over Netherlands at Euro 2024, the comedian, actor and writer joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with webuyanycar. When Chris asked him if he watched the big game last night, Rob replied: “I sure did. I loved it a lot.”

He added: “I've got three boys, and we're all British now, by the way. I've become a citizen!”



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Born in Boston, Massachusetts, but now living in the UK, Rob explained why he wanted to become a Brit. He told Chris: “I didn't want to be able to be deported! I said, ‘Worst case scenario, I'll go to prison, but on this island, so my family can still visit me.’ Now that I'm a citizen, this is it!”

Now a dual citizen, the Catastrophe star spoke about the Life in the UK Test that is a requirement as part of a citizenship application. “It was so much easier, because I took it at the same time as the written test to get a driving licence,” he said.

“I would say it was about 400 percent easier.”

Explaining why, he continued: “You can learn new information about a country with a diverse background and history and everything, but to learn how to just replace all your American driving knowledge with stuff that's just a little off, when you're old, is very hard!”

Rob plays Peter Wisdom alongside Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in Deadpool & Wolverine, which hits cinemas on 25th July. Handily for him, the blockbuster was filmed at Pinewood Studios, just outside London. He said: “Deadpool 2 was filmed in Vancouver. I don't live in Vancouver. I live down the street from you guys! And so when Ryan texted me and was like, ‘We're doing a third one, and we're shooting it in London, so you can walk to work,’ I just did cartwheels!”

When Chris asked whether Ryan Reynolds’ inextricable link to Wrexham is to thank for the new film being shot in the UK, Rob replied: “Oh, my God, I didn't even think of that. I'm gonna imagine it might be British tax laws that we might have to thank for that. It could be that... and Wrexham!”

The narrative of the new film picks up six years after the events of Deadpool 2, with the lead character living a quiet life, seemingly having left his time as the mercenary behind him. “He's down on his luck, and he's tired of Deadpooling, and so he is, in fact, working in a discount, used car place with me, the character of Peter, who started in Deadpool two. And he's just trying to kind of be a normal guy and try that on for size,” Rob explained.

However, the Time Variance Authority pulls him into a new mission. With his home universe facing an existential threat, Deadpool reluctantly joins an even more reluctant Wolverine (Jackman) on a mission that will change the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Peter is a member of Deadpool's X-Force superheroes team. “It was such a great idea that they had in the second one, because there's the X Force in the comic books, and they wanted to introduce those guys into the movies,” the actor said.

“And so Deadpool effectively holds auditions, or a casting call for members of the X Force. And people come, literally from around the universe, not just earth, with various magical powers. And then my guy comes in, Peter, and [Deadpool] says, ‘Wait, have you got any special powers I should know about?’ And Peter says, ‘Nope, just saw the ad. Thought it sounded like fun.’ And Deadpool says, ‘ You're in.’ 

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Deadpool & Wolverine is in cinemas on Thursday 25th July.

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