Fearne Cotton on her new book Speak Your Truth and the horror of homeschooling

Virgin Radio

7 Jan 2021, 10:44

The TV presenter, author and podcaster joined the Chris Evans Breakfast Show with Sky to talk about her new offering on how to say what we mean and fight the fear.

She told Chris how the book came about: “There was an operation looming on my throat and that led me down the path of exploration to look into how we use our voice and if we speak truthfully or say things that we know aren't necessarily true to who we are, so that's the crux of the book.

“I think I realised how often I've not been honest with myself and I've really not been honest with others because I've been scared of either rejection or getting in trouble, saying something wrong or being thought of in a way that I don't believe represents me…

“Often we will say 'yes' when really we mean 'no', we won't follow what our gut says because we're so busy worrying about what everybody else thinks about us. 

“It's tiny things every day that we're dealing with but it's powerful when you start really doing what feels right to you and saying what feels right to you, I think it's really potent."

So how do we do it? "It's a practice and there's a transitional period where you get comfy with it and other people around you get comfy with your life choices.

"We're talking about big stuff as well, like what you want to do career wise, your sexuality, who you want to hang out with, who you want to associate with, what beliefs you have… 

“This is big juicy stuff and it's not going to please everybody... but it's better than swallowing words and suppressing what you know you're about, because that just causes mental stress, physical tension and feeling irritable and angry about life.

“Test the waters by writing down people that you love that you know speak the truth. They could be people in the public eye, it could be people that you just admire in your life, maybe an elder in your family or a teacher or someone you work with, but people you know are authentically 100% them, and nearly always speak their truth."

Speaking of the truth, how has she been coping with work and homeschooling?

“I’m trying to juggle that and homeschooling two kids, I'm not gonna lie, it’s a blimmin’ nightmare. I literally was about to cry last night thinking about all this. It's just bonkers like how us parents are meant to deal with this. I don't know, but I'm going to give it my best shot.”