Eve Hewson talks to Graham Norton about Behind Her Eyes and parent party run-ins

Virgin Radio

14 Feb 2021, 18:24

Eve Hewson stars in brand new psychological thriller 'Behind Her Eyes', airing on Netflix from Wednesday 17th February. 

The show is set on the novel of the same title by Sarah Pinborough, and Eve eluded to the fact that there's more to the plot than it may initially seem: "It's hard to explain. We've had a really hard time promoting the show because we can't really say anything!"

"But basically it follows Louise, who starts a new job at a psychiatrist's office and she starts an affair with her boss, while also striking up a friendship with his wife. But they both don't know about it, so she's sort of playing them both and it becomes a aort of strange love triangle. Then there's also this dark secret within the marriage that she starts to uncover and then dot dot dot dot... we can't really say anymore."

Eve started out her acting career in an independent film where she caught the acting "bug", before studying at the notorious Tisch School Of The Arts in New York City.

"I moved to New York when I was 18, thought I was so cool, was living in Washington Square Park in the dorms. My parents conveniently renovated the house that year, so they had to move to New York with me..."

Eve isn't the only star in her family, with her brother fronting indie-band Inhaler and dad being U2's Bono.

When Graham asked about rumours of cool parents turning up at parties, Eve denied any claims of "cool" and revealed a surprise run-in in with her own mother at an upper-class NY do.

"I remember there was this really cool party at the Jane Hotel and all these cool people were going and my friend invited me... I somehow got in, you know, without any ID and I was on the list and I was very excited, and I walked in... and my mum was standing there with a tequila!"

"I was like 'Mum, what are you doing here?' and she was like 'Oh honey I was invited to this party weeks ago!'"

Behind Her Eyes will be available to stream on Netflix from this Wednesday 17th February.

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