Naughty Boy shared his nickname for Beyoncé with I'm A Celeb campmates

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9 Dec 2021, 13:29

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As far as name-dropping goes, it doesn't get bigger than Beyoncé.

I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! has been full of drama this year, and music producer Naughty Boy has been providing the gossip.

He made his name working with some of the biggest celebs in music, and had a hit track with the former Destiny's Child superstar.

Called 'Running' (Lose It All)' he worked with Beyoncé and Arrow Benjamin on the song in 2015.

Naughty Boy told his campmates: "I’d met her in Beverly Hills and Jay-Z… I think they were playing Backgammon. Fast forward about five to six months, she wanted to speak to me. She got my number from the label and called me."

He wasn't sure what was happening at first: “Obviously I didn’t believe it. But this is why she’s a Queen. She wanted to speak to me [directly]."

Naughty Boy continued: "I was on the A40, in traffic, and my phone rings. International number, and it was the Queen, Queen B, Beyoncé. One of the best phone calls of my life.

"After the call I was just like, 'Store this number!' I saved it as 'Queen B'. She’s so caring and so exactly what you’d expect her to be. No diva-ness."

Fans and his other campmates were excited to hear about his experiences with pop royalty, but spoiler alert...

It was too little, too late, as Naughty Boy became the fourth campmate to be given the boot.

His departure followed Snoochie Shy, Kadeena Cox and Arlene Phillips.

Naughty Boy was in the bottom two along with EastEnders star Adam Woodyatt, known for playing Ian Beale.

The music producer found himself in the bottom two with Adam Woodyatt before his fate was revealed on the ITV show.

Naughty Boy said: "Wow, oh wow!" when he was told he would be leaving.

He added: "Honestly, I had a feeling, I can speak to mum, it's not a bad thing!"