Adults and kids are absolutely loving Netflix’s Making Fun and say it's the best show

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8 Apr 2022, 10:20

Credit: Netflix

Watching people make cool stuff is so satisfying, isn't it? Cue Netflix reality TV show Making Fun that you can sit down with little people who will love it too. The clue is in the name, right?

Starring the very grumpy and very funny multi-talented creative Jimmy DiResta, each episode turns one child's crazy idea into a mind-blowing reality, giving a peak into the creative construction process that will inspire you to get up and start something bonkers.

Credit: Netflix

Irritable leading man DiResta has a certain grouchy charm as he interacts with the kids via video screen and communicates with lines such as: "Did we satisfy your twisted little dreams?”

Fellow creatives joining him include 'Canadian Pat' Lap, John 'Graz' Graziano, Derek Forestier and Paul Jackman.

Tasks include them having to try and make a massive version of rock, paper, scissors with food (pickles, cauliflower and some throw up) dumped over the loser's head, to which DiResta tells the kids: “You know you guys are sick in the head?”

Credit: Netflix

Fans commented online: "I binge watched all of the episodes in one day, and thoroughly enjoyed every single one!"

A second applauded: "My 11-year-old son and I binged watching this every night. It's like a love letter to the craftmanship world. We love the reactions. Hilarious one liners especially with the kids... editing is so good and funny too. There so much we can learn from this show. Definitely not a cringe show, can't wait for season 2."

Credit: Netflix

A third praised: "Watched this with my kid tonight and we both loved it. Then I had to go show her a couple of your other videos (baseball chair and penny skateboards). She loved it all!"

A fourth penned: "My wife and I watched the whole thing last week. Tons of fun! Looking forward to season two!"

One viewer gushed: "Unbelievable show guys, our son came across this on Netflix and said, 'Mum and dad watch this,' we sat down and we're hooked! The comedy and dry sense of humour from Jimmy towards the kids and the rest of you guys, flat out goofy are exactly what is good about this show. Do not change anything!"

We're sold-ered.