Viewers gobsmacked over Future Food Stars contestants' mistakes — & Gordon Ramsay agrees

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8 Apr 2022, 11:07

SPOILER ALERT: They're not off to a good start, are they? The supposed Future Food Stars left fans alarmed after making error after error in Gordon Ramsay's new cooking contest. And the king of the kitchen wasn't happy either.

The second episode of the competition in which the hopefuls try and impress Gordon in a string of culinary challenges kicked off in a woodland in the Chilterns.

Credit: BBC

The task? To 'host a feast for paying guests, offering the highest level of hospitality by creating a three course meal and designing the perfect outdoor venue' with Jen, Amit, Michelle, Valentina, Asher and Bola on the red team and Leah, Jamie, Steph, Victoria and Matthew on the green team.

Both teams were given a site to host on, a firepit and basic cooking/kitchen equipment.

Easy enough, right? Wrong.

Credit: BBC

The green team started with a shambolic opening speech, then served up raw venison and asked one of the vegetarians to wear a hat.

Over on the just-as-incompetent red team, they failed to check if the guests had any allergy requirements after dishing up a pine nut starter, gave a honey-based non-vegan dish to three vegan guests and kept guests waiting after miscounting the main dishes.

Confused viewers asked: "Gordon Ramsay, are you sacking more than one tonight? Sack the lot of them please."

Another added: "I'm sure these lot are worse than Alan Sugar's Apprentices."

A third mused: "Honey to vegans. Toxic mushroom joke. Nut allergies. Raw venison. I have no more cringe to give."

One viewer penned: "The team with a vegan in it is the one that served it to the vegan diners. God they really are useless. At the moment I can't see any of them deserving to win this, there's no redeeming features from any of them."

Credit: BBC

After a cremation from Gordon, the green team won with seven out of ten guests agreeing that it was good value for money, while the red team had an abysmal time with 11 out of 12 guests refusing to pay.

So it was time for Gordon to say a FFS goodbye to Jen 'for failing to lead the team and her inability to manage strong characters'.

Not tasty...